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Retreat Facilitation for Strategic Insight and Team Building
   Tired of retreats that produce dust-gathering tomes full of buzzwords and unrealistic goals? Work with our knowledgeable and experienced facilitators to produce a high level of results at your next strategic planning session. We help you understand today's reality, examine opportunities and threats and define an exciting path to the future that is consistent with your culture and values. In the process, your group will be transformed into a functional, high-performing team.
Innovation Workshops
  If your brainstorming meetings are more like brain-draining sessions, use Seahawk to design and facilitate an intensive, exciting workshop for you that produces big ideas and refines the best ones into workable solutions.
  Seahawk can also help you evaluate ideas, concepts and programs through professionally moderated focus groups and one-on-one sessions with customers, employees and other key groups.
Clear Communications Workshops
  Learn to present persuasively with purpose and passion. Conduct shorter, more effective meetings that get things done. Our small group workshops provide intensive, personal coaching to take your meetings and presentations to the next level. Our consultation includes working with boards and operating teams to improve effectiveness.

Charlie Hawkins
Charlie Hawkins, MBA
President of
Seahawk Associates

"You helped teach us to be better about meeting planning and execution while providing us with subtle nudges on the strategic lines to stimulate our thinking. Every time we use you it is like a light course of both, which has been very helpful."

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26 Ways to Make Meetings More Fun (…and productive)
Looking for ways to bring new life and energy to your meetings?
Turn "dull and dreaded" to "energizing and effective" with these tips.

… plus other valuable articles on making meetings more productive.

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